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Frequently Asked Questions

 Who is behind California Coalition of Appraisal Professionals (CaCAP)?
California appraisers… like you! See Organizing Committee

What is CaCAP? We are a voice. An advocacy group. We speak out in support of California appraisers. Whether state or federal, legislative or administrative, our team is committed to communicating appraiser views, positions, needs and recommendations. We have something to say; we intend to say it. Read About Us.

Is CaCAP different? Yes. What we do is focus exclusively on appraiser rights. Does it benefit you…the appraiser. That is our battle ground! See the Articles.

How do I become a member? Becoming a member is fast and easy. Simply visit the Membership Page to get the ball rolling. You can complete your application on line.

I don’t want to pay for my membership via the Internet, can I pay by mail?
Yes, simply print out our Mail in Membership Form, fill it out completely and drop it in the mail with your check. Once your payment has been processed, we’ll enter you into the system and email you.

How much does it cost to become a member of CaCAP? Dues are $100. per year.

What about Education? We support the need for a well educated membership; it is crucial to the future of our profession. CaCAP does not offer classes. We promote in-state appraisal schools and teachers and local appraiser groups and chapters of national appraiser groups who teach. This is their primary purpose. They offer quality classes and license designations. See Educational Resources.

How about Programs? Yes and no. We are first and foremost a statewide membership organization, without chapters, focused on advocacy. However, we do plan to have strategic programs on a topic timely or urgent basis. Not necessarily monthly. Or, we may partner with other groups to provide, or to sponsor, special programs. This has yet to be developed. See Why Should You Join.

Does CaCAP publish? No. We may, someday, if there is a special or unique need but, for the most part, there are good sources currently available. We will promote these sources. We don’t see the need for more… just good! We provide links to high quality sources now. And we will provide more over time. See Appraisal News.

What is the CaCAP service area? California. We currently have members from Orange County (south) to Sutter County (north). See Our Service Area (under development)

Do you have a brochure that I can print out? Almost! We will have a PDF version of a brochure in the next month or so. You will be able to download it as it is available.

Do you have a press kit that I can print out? Our media related information is being developed.

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