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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind CaCAP? Licensed California appraisers… like you (see Founding Members)! 

What exactly is CaCAP? We are an advocacy organization. Advocacy... speaking out in support of California appraisers. Whether state or federal, legislative or administrative, the CaCAP team is committed to appraiser ideas, views, positions, needs, and recommendations! 

Is CaCAP different? Yes. We have a single priority – the appraiser. Ask yourself this...  does it benefit the appraiser? Does it improve the profession? This is our battle ground! 

CaCAP affiliations? None. CaCAP is not affiliated with any state or national group or organization. We work interactively with strategic partner REAA (in California) and with the NETWORK (Nationally; 28 independent state appraiser organizations joined in cooperative participation for the betterment of the profession). And, we cooperate with other recognized appraiser organizations. 

How do I become a member? Visit the Membership Page to get the ball rolling. Complete your application; you can pay on line. 

Can I join by mail? Yes, simply print out our Mail in Membership Form, fill it out completely and drop it in the mail with your check. Once your payment has been processed, we’ll enter your membership into the system and email you. 

What are CaCAP dues? Dues are $25. a year. In addition, we ask members to consider making a $25 donation (legislative fund support). Additionally, CaCAP is committed to securing any and all discount opportunities. Objective - lower your operating costs.  

What is the CaCAP service area? All California. We currently have members from San Diego and Imperial Counties in the south to Sutter County in the north. To reach, and best influence, California’s state and federal legislators, we need members in all of California counties. Legislators respond to local influences.

What about meetings? CaCAP does not have regular member- ship meetings. The Board of Directors has regular meetings. Committees, working in interest areas such as legislation and education, meet on an as needed basis. Event organizers also meet on an as needed basis.

What about Elections? Elections are annual and in the fall of the year preceding the commencement of terms. Elections are conducted by email and include the election of officer’s and elections of the board of directors. Committee leadership is determined by the Board.  

What about Education? We are committed to a well-educated membership; it is crucial to the future of the profession. CaCAP does not typically offer classes. We promote in-state appraisal schools and teachers and local appraiser groups and chapters of national appraiser groups who teach. That is their main purpose; they offer quality classes and designations. However, CaCAP can and will develop/offer special classes if and when there is need.

What about Regular Programs? Yes and no. CaCAP is first and foremost an advocacy group, without chapters, focused on advocacy. However, we do plan strategic programs on a topic timely or urgent basis. Particularly in the legislative area. Or, we partner with other groups to support or provide special programs. 

Does CaCAP publish? No. However, CaCAP emails regular info updates. Also, excerpts and reprints that are important. There are good magazine and newsletter sources available... so, we promote them. We don’t see the need for more... just good! 

Does CaCAP have paid staff? No. Elected officers and committee members are volunteers. However, as membership increases, consideration will be given to paid stipends for administrative requirements (electronic meeting), data base management, communications delivery and survey requirements as well as other computer intensive activities. 

Do CaCAP have a brochure that I can print out? No. But feel free to print out pages from the website. Use or distribute them as needed. And yes, we are considering the development a one page downloadable ‘introduction to CaCAP type document. 

Do you have a press kit? No. CaCAP media information is all on the website or, prepared on an issue / situation specific basis