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Hello from the Organizing Committee


Thanks for visiting the California Coalition of Appraisal Professionals (CaCAP).

We are like you. We have operated our appraisal businesses in good faith, and, thanks to a lot of hard work, we have usually been able to succeed … until recently. Circumstances have changed and not for the better.

In recent years we have seen government agencies, and others, make deals that have changed our work environment until most of us wonder about our future.

So a group of us, some of who you may know, started CaCAP. And CaCAP is growing. CaCAP is growing because it makes sense. We are asking you to join us. As you would expect it’s about numbers and money. Dollars get the message out; numbers are heard. Annual dues are $100 a year.

At CaCAP we are convinced that appraisers can organize. Virtually all other professional groups have done it. We can do it too! Appraisers need a common non partisan political voice actively advocating for appraiser rights each and every day! Appraisers need a public voice explaining the importance of what do and how we do it!

What’s been going on has to stop. It’s taking away the product of our labor and stripping away our businesses bit by bit. Let’s take a stand… together! That means 13,000+ appraisers speaking as one! With good will and enthusiasm - it’s possible!

Remember, there is strength in numbers. Please, STAND WITH US. JOIN WITH US.

Together we can change the course of our profession!


The Organizing Committee