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NDC New System Features

Data updated Daily!

  1. Improved search capabilities with no timing out during a session
  2. User-friendly layout
  3. Flexible screen design: left task bar to start a new search
  4. More compatible with all Internet browsers: Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari
  5. Easily update Customer Profile
  6. Wild Card (*) Search Capability on Address and APN
  7. Faster Searching: 2 clicks to Property Profile
  8. Improved speed with Restructured database: allows for faster

    searching & more comprehensive comp selection

  1. Satellite Maps & Street Views
  2. New Flood Zone identifier: I
  3. Additional Flood Data: Community /Panel numbers
  4. New Location maps: more functionality, clarity, & speed
  5. Comp Results: Best 25, Top 100, or Unlimited
  6. Search Criteria easily adjusted: Filter on Comp Results or Advanced
  7. Customize & save Advanced search settings
  8. Assessor book/ Parcel searches automatically included in Comps
  9. Foreclosure filter (Hide Trustees Deed)
  10. Properties flagged for Trustees Sales
  11. One click to return to Subject Property
  12. One click to view Comparable Deeds & Full Detail
  13. Summary Statistics: Sale averages of comparables
  14. Customized print options: Full profile, mini profile, or list printout
  15. Exports more info into Appraisal reports: up to 12 comps
  16. Enhanced Data Exporting compatible with all appraisal software
  17. Excel Export option
  18. Improved Retro searches
  19. Flood only searches
  20. Improved Plat map viewer: measuring tool available
  21. Most current Plat maps: updated daily!
  22. “What’s New” section: customer news & updates
  23. Search History tool: access previously searched properties; Archive/Delete searches

And more…

-Online Payments & Payment History

-Save time with enhanced Data Export functionality, always being updated


National Data Collective (NDC)

The San Diego-based National Data Collective, Inc., better known as NDCdata has been successfully providing online public records and enhanced appraiser data for over 12 years. The web-based data source is available to all real estate professionals, although specifically targeted to appraisers, for a low monthly or yearly cost. is complete with Assessor and Recorder data for property and comparable searches, plus FEMA flood data, plat maps, location maps, satellite maps, and appraiser notes. NDC provides a host of search tools including but not limited to multiple address/APN searches, custom searches, comprehensive comparable searches, filtering by Deed type, and partial parcel searching for non-geocoded properties. In addition, all subscribers receive free Data Export, compatible with all appraisal software forms.

Additions to the site in the last two years have kept NDC in the forefront of technology for appraisers and real estate professionals. Changes include faster data updates (DAILY), more data, more current plat maps with interactive measuring of the square footage, and compatibility with all Internet Browsers.

Even with the technological advances, NDC and its sister-company FREA (Foundation of Real Estate Appraisers) -providing E&O Insurance, maintain the personal interaction with customers and members, providing #1 Customer Support. Our goal: to keep our customers knowledgeable, successful and efficient.

For more information on NDC, visit the website at or call 800.964.2374.