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Membership Benefit

David Braun, MAI SRA of Automated Valuation Technologies, Inc. is giving a 10% discount to our members. The discount code is listed on our "Members Only" portion of our site.

Go to this site and take a look at the products. The best deal is the All IN One software package. If you purchased these products individually it would cost over $400, however he is offering the package for $249 retail less 10% for our members.

What is in the ALL in One package is:

USL DOCUMENTOR (SCOPE OF WORK PACKAGE FOR RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERICAL APPRAISERS, that is UPAP compliant with all the latest changes and standards, and recommended by Ann O'Rourke in her monthly newsletter)

Regression Software (You own this software there is no monthly fee or added charges)

Regression Training (5 Modules)

Fusion (Regression Valuation Report that will help support your appraisal adjustments)

Click on the site below it go to this website:

Automated Valuation Technologies, Inc.